The selection process for Establishing Silkwood Estate was based on finding both and ideal climate and soil to produce quality wines.

As early as 1967, Professor Gladstone, a renowned authority on the wine industry, recommended Pemberton as Western Australia’s most suitable wine region. However it was not until 1982 that the first vineyard appeared.

Silkwood was established in 1998. The prevailing temperate climate, gently undulating landscape and the rich gravelly loam soils that overlay the clay base, were all strong deciding features of the selection – quite possibly the same factors that influenced Professor Gladstone’s recommendations.

[image_blockquote][image_blockquote_text]The vineyard is set amongst magnificent and picturesque Karri and Jarrah forests for which Pemberton is famous.[/image_blockquote_text][image_blockquote_image][/image_blockquote_image][/image_blockquote]

In 2006 the Bowman family purchased Silkwood Wines and since then the philosophy has always been to produce quality wines first and foremost but why not also create and environment within which to enjoy them.

It was then that the idea to build luxury accommodation on the premises came to fruition and the Silkwood Experience was born. Together with our breathtaking cellar door and restaurant, it is truly an experience to behold.

We are a small team but a passionate one and we are very proud of the widespread acclaim and awards we have won for our wines and to share these with you gives us great pleasure.

Being a boutique winery, we pride ourselves on remaining true to our hearts in producing exceptional quality wine, providing our clients with a truly memorable experience and showcasing the beautiful part of the world that is Pemberton.